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  • Custom Carnage update 0.9

    By on 22nd March 2017

    Want to see how an Orc Fleet would fare against the forces of Chaos? The latest update is out and it’s all about the Custom Battles! We have been working hard through Man O’ War: Corsair’s development to get everything we promised into the game, as well as...

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  • Spyglass on: Grey Wizards

    By on 28th February 2017

    Today we ponder the most inscrutable of human magic users: the mighty and mysterious Grey Wizards. Grey wizards study the lore of shadows, smoke and deception, harnessing the grey magical wind of Ulgu. They live lives of concealment and subterfuge, moving furtively through to poor and...

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  • Spyglass On: Gold Wizards

    By on 21st February 2017

    Today we turn our telescope to the gleaming masters of metal, the wizards of the Gold Order. Gold Wizard weave their spells from the magical wind of Chamon, that which is tied to the lore of metals. This grants the gold wizards mastery over alchemy and...

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  • A Bright College Wizard Casts a Deadly Fireball

    Spyglass on: Bright Wizards

    By on 15th February 2017

    For the Third in our special profile series we are zooming in on the most hot-tempered of spell-casters: The Bright Wizard. Bright wizards have a special affinity for the red wind of magic known as Ashqy and have spent years in the Bright College of Altdorf...

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  • Blood for the Blood God update 0.8

    By on 14th February 2017

    We can now confirm the latest of the major updates based on user response, with the introduction of a new Chaos Campaign as well as Ports the player can walk around. The support we have received in with Man O’ War: Corsair has been brilliant throughout...

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