Custom Carnage update 0.9

Custom Carnage update 0.9

Want to see how an Orc Fleet would fare against the forces of Chaos?

The latest update is out and it’s all about the Custom Battles!

We have been working hard through Man O’ War: Corsair’s development to get everything we promised into the game, as well as build as many of the features the community has asked for as we can. One of the features we have had planned from the beginning is finally here! In Custom Battles you can choose a location, a fleet and an enemy and set up whichever fleet battles you want (controlling whichever faction you want!)

With this update the game really opens out, allowing players to pitch different fleets against each other, changing fleet size and specialist crew types.

Full list of changes:

– Updated UI
– Added achievements
– Enabled custom battle menu
– Enabled localisation menu
– Added french and hungarian translations (work in progress)
– Using spyglass and gun aim are now toggles.
– Rebalanced The Orc’s Head Quest
– Adjusted trigger areas in ports so it’s easier to access shops
– Lowered the sailing position on the Galleon so sails don’t block view
– Fixed sartosan shorefort positions
– Sea monsters no longer put you in combat from extreme range
– Dietershafen Doomdivers Quest should no longer continue to fire doomdivers at you from extreme range
– Lantern light should no longer wobble and shine behind the mast casting weird shadows
– Updated terrain textures
– Enabled gamepad support
– Fixed some issues with player wielded longbows
– Fixed some character AI navigation issues
– Fixed a number of ship AI issues
– Fixed LOD issues at erengrad and marienburg
– Adjusted character walk animation
– Improved AI for Sea Dragons
– Improved animation for Megalodon
– Improved Black Leviathan death animation
– Character shields now match the livery of their home vessel
– Adjusted pushback from ramming
– Behemoth attack now hits multiple locations
– Fixed a number of quests with undocking issues (including They Stole My Sword and Espionage)
– Fixed a bug where Quest enemy AI would follow the player endlessly
– Flyers now bank when turning
– Icon of Power fires more accurately
– Ironshark Icon of Power positions correctly
– Added Kislev Soldier character
– Hired wizards now show up in ally section of journal
– Accidents Happen quest tweaks
– Destroy Fleet missions are much less likely to have the fleet destroyed en route
– Higher level enemy captains spawn with better cargo
– Newly purchased ships have their water barrels filled
– Can cancel/refund an anti-flyer weapon upgrade
– Added a load of extra entries to the journal
– Spyglass can now be used while controlling a character and while aiming ship weapons
– Added a number of new ship and captain names
– Player hat/armour no longer vanish when loading a save game in port
– Spyglass info will list if a ship has a wizard on board
– Added gamepad controls diagrams to the controls options screen

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