Man O’ War

  • Skulls for the Skull Throne – Exalted Bloodship

    By on 20th July 2017

    Skulls for the Skull Throne – Exalted Bloodship With the new Exalted Bloodship, every act of violence gives Khorne...

  • Custom Carnage update 0.9

    By on 22nd March 2017

    Want to see how an Orc Fleet would fare against the forces of Chaos? The latest update is out...

  • Spyglass on: Grey Wizards

    By on 28th February 2017

    Today we ponder the most inscrutable of human magic users: the mighty and mysterious Grey Wizards. Grey wizards study...

  • Spyglass On: Gold Wizards

    By on 21st February 2017

    Today we turn our telescope to the gleaming masters of metal, the wizards of the Gold Order. Gold Wizard...

  • A Bright College Wizard Casts a Deadly Fireball

    Spyglass on: Bright Wizards

    By on 15th February 2017

    For the Third in our special profile series we are zooming in on the most hot-tempered of spell-casters: The...

  • Blood for the Blood God update 0.8

    By on 14th February 2017

    We can now confirm the latest of the major updates based on user response, with the introduction of a...

  • Celestial Wizard in Man O' War : Corsair

    Spyglass on: Celestial Wizard

    By on 7th February 2017

    In the second of a series of special profiles we focus in on the Wizard who can draw down...

  • Spyglass on: Amber Wizards

    By on 31st January 2017

    For our first profile in this series we are turning our captain’s spyglass on the wild and wise Amber...

  • The Dead Rise update 0.6

    By on 26th October 2016

    With Halloween upon us the Dead have come to the Warhammer Oceans to seek their revenge on the living!...

  • The Winds of Chaos update 0.5

    By on 13th October 2016

    The campaign system is in! Campaign and Faction Diplomacy The campaign system is in – factions will fight for...