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  • Building Ships in Man O’War: Corsair

    By on 26th October 2015

    I’m Tom Donovan and I was an asset builder on the new game by Evil Twin Artworks based on the naval combat game by Games Workshop; “Man O’ War”. My background is based in television and commercials, and this is my first real jump into the...

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  • Redesigning the Man O’ War Logo

    By on 19th October 2015

    Redesigning the Man O’War Logo Working with the team at Evil Twin Artworks I was given the task to design a new logo for the upcoming game, Man O’War: Corsair, a 3D sea battle game set in the world of Warhammer, based on a popular classic...

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  • night and day

    Man O’ War: Corsair Night and Day

    By on 16th October 2015

    Man O’ War: Corsair Night and Day Introducing the second of our Man O’ War: Corsair Vlogs. This video discusses the Night and Day system in the Man O’ War: Corsair video game.   Man O’ War: Corsair is a video game of high adventure, naval...

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  • For The Love of Sigmar!!

    By on 12th October 2015

    To Battle! Here at Evil Twin creating Man O’ War: Corsair is more than just another project, especially for studio founders and brother James and Mark Carroll. Mark’s Armies! Are up he sleevies! I’m 38 years old so that means I’ve been playing Warhammer for 30...

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  • Creating a 3D Model for Man O’ War: Corsair

    By on 5th October 2015

    Creating a 3D Model My name is Rachel Uzzell, I am a self taught 3D Digital Sculptor with a background in old school animation. Yep back in the days of yore before computers. Working with Evil Twin Artworks is great because every job varies and is...

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