Spyglass on: Grey Wizards

Spyglass on: Grey Wizards

Today we ponder the most inscrutable of human magic users: the mighty and mysterious Grey Wizards.

Grey wizards study the lore of shadows, smoke and deception, harnessing the grey magical wind of Ulgu. They live lives of concealment and subterfuge, moving furtively through to poor and unseen areas of the Empire. As a consequence they are held in suspicion by even fellow wizards are are the least trusted or welcome of any son of the Empire.

Grey Wizards wander the lands or the Empire and Bretonnia weaving spells and serving masters for reasons on they know, and they never disclose their motives. Grey Wizards are never known to say much of anything, nor count anyone as a friend. Whether this is to maintain an enigmatic image or out of a resentment towards a society that shuns is, as with everything, know only them them. The only thing anyone is certain about a wizard of the Grey College is their breathtaking power in battle.

Grey wizards are masters of the ocean winds without peer: with a gesture they can command the winds to fill the sails and propel their vessel at tremendous speeds, or else hurl an enemy aside as if they were a children’s toy. Grey Wizards alone have the power to deflect the magics of other spell users, raising impenetrable protective mists around an allied ship. Just as fire is a ship master’s greatest enemy, a Grey wizard is their greatest ally, for they can summon rains from the seas themselves to extinguish any inferno.

Those who hire a Grey Wizard at a dockside tavern will often discover that it is, in fact, they who have been sought out. Even the gold that is exchanged is for appearances only, as Grey Wizards take strict vows of poverty. This as much as anything else raises suspicions among most ship’s crews, but a canny captain knows to keep a Grey Wizard happy and secluded, for they can turn an ordinary vessel into a master of the oceans, evading and outrunning any foe.



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