Spyglass On: Gold Wizards

Spyglass On: Gold Wizards

Today we turn our telescope to the gleaming masters of metal, the wizards of the Gold Order.

Gold Wizard weave their spells from the magical wind of Chamon, that which is tied to the lore of metals. This grants the gold wizards mastery over alchemy and the ability to bend any metal to their will.

Gold Wizards are malleable and mercurial by nature, and this lends them a versatility as battle-mages. They can summon raw molten brass and copper to repair holes in blasted ship hulls, hurl glittering fireballs of molten alloy at enemies, harden the steel of an ally’s shield or sword and even bolster a crew by stimulating the iron in their blood.

Gold Wizards enjoy a much higher status than other magic users in the Empire of man, their talents in purifying, transmuting and testing for forgeries in metals makes them popular with nobles houses and merchant guilds. The recent rise of a Gold wizard, the eccentric and daring Balthazar Gelt to the position of Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of magic has only strengthened their position in society. Indeed, many Gold Wizards have started wearing gold masks in imitation of this enigmatic master wizard.

However all wizards walk a fine line between glory and disaster and there are many a Gold Wizard who have fallen from favour after one explosive experiment too many has gone awry, or whose transmutation of gold from lead has worn off too soon to fool a customer. These unfortunate examples of the order soon find themselves driven out of polite society and often escape to the ports and docks of the Old World. A canny captain will know to seek out these disgraced mages and offer a chance of a new life in service of their crew.

While many shipmates will grumble at the strange conceptions and chemical smells that come with having a Gold Wizard on board, a good captain knows their worth, as their power in battle can sink enemies, subdue sea-monsters and keep the ship afloat when all else fails.



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