Spyglass on: Celestial Wizard

Spyglass on: Celestial Wizard
Celestial Wizard in Man O' War : Corsair

In the second of a series of special profiles we focus in on the Wizard who can draw down the powers of the heavens themselves: The champions and lords of the Celestial college. These mages have mastered the forces of the atmosphere and use their power to deadly effect

Celestial wizards train for years to master the wind of Azyr, the blue wind of the stars and the lore of heavens. They are the foremost astrologers of the Old World and through their Astromancy the great orreries both keep time and predict the future of the Empire. They can be tempted to lend their awesome power to an independent captain for the right fee, though they set sail with the ambition of calibrating astrolabes and charting astronomical phenomena.

In battle Celestial mages alter the upper atmosphere to change conditions at sea level. They can divert wind currents to leave a tall ship becalmed and vulnerable, or else blast it apart with sudden blizzards of frozen air. They can force down rain clouds to extinguish raging fires in self defence. Most spectacularly Celestial wizards can summon devastating electrical storms and rake enemy ships with arcane lighting.

Clad in cerulean robes embellished with stars, half-moons and their comet sigil, these aloof and bookish mages enjoy a relative importance across the Old World due to the importance of their divinations to the Emperor Karl Franz. However a Celestial Wizard is not to be trifled with, for they can mete out their fury from on high, with thunderous, effect.



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