Spyglass on: Bright Wizards

Spyglass on: Bright Wizards
A Bright College Wizard Casts a Deadly Fireball

For the Third in our special profile series we are zooming in on the most hot-tempered of spell-casters: The Bright Wizard.

Bright wizards have a special affinity for the red wind of magic known as Ashqy and have spent years in the Bright College of Altdorf honing their magical senses so they can reforge this wind into awesome pyrotechnic explosions.

All things fiery and flaming are the Bright Wizard’s to command and this makes them deadly assets to battlefield commanders across the old world. It is a good thing they are so valued, as they tend to be hot-tempered and cantankerous in the extreme. Their anti-social natures find a natural outlet in the retinues of adventurers and generals alike and through the ages likes of Luther Flamestrike, Magnus The Bright and Sergov Pfeiffer have saved the Empire from certain doom, not that the superstitious populace would ever give them such credit.

Straightforward and decisive in all things, the Bright Wizard has a less extensive repertoire of spells than other Colleges of Wizard. They make up for this with their terrifying destructive potential and quick mastery of ocean warfare.

A captain looking to hire a Bright Wizard may be lucky enough to find one in the Taverns of the Ports and Docks of Bretonnia or the Empire – hogging the fire and complaining that it is still not warm enough for him. If the captain is brave enough to disturb this scowling, robed figure he will have to impress them with his reputation and an offer to escape the suspicious murmurings of the land lubbers and gossips. Only then will this fearsome magister ally to their cause, though they secretly relish the chance to exercise their pyromantic powers to the fullest.



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