Spyglass on: Amber Wizards

Spyglass on: Amber Wizards

For our first profile in this series we are turning our captain’s spyglass on the wild and wise Amber wizard. We will see what makes this ally so powerful and dive into the lore of these mysterious and taciturn magic users.

Trained in the Amber College on the outskirts of Altdorf, the capital of the Empire, Amber wizards have mastered the Lore of Beasts and have a natural affinity for it’s savage powers. Of all the Winds of Magic in the old world, the Amber wind of Ghur is the wildest, holding power over plants and animals. By harnessing it a wizard can bend the laws of reality itself, summoning phantasmic apparitions or control the minds of beasts and lesser men.

The coarse manners and unkempt appearance of an Amber wizard makes them even greater outcasts than the other magic users. Though they usually prefer to live outdoors, a wily captain can find an down-on-his luck Amber wizard drinking alone in a dark corner of the dingiest taverns of the Old world. For the right captain the will put aside his pride and offer their services, in exchange for paying off whatever drinking and gambling debts they have accrued and free bunk and board on ship.

Once onboard the Amber wizard is a powerful asset to an Old World Captain. Becoming huntsmen of the seas, they can use their power to bridge the gap between far-off ships, allowing boarding actions from a distance. With arcane rituals and offerings they can summon bilge rats from the bowels of enemy vessels to maul and rend the crew in a wild frenzy. In the midst of battle they can conjure phantasmagoric serpents to paralyze enemy crewmen. They can use their mastery over nature to weave shattered timbers and split bulkheads back together, reverting the wood of a hull back to its original form before reshaping into their desired form.

Amber wizards hide their awesome power behind flee-ridden robes and simple hair shirts, and often do not even carry a talisman of their sacred symbol, the huntsman’s arrow. However, if you have risen to sufficient notoriety across the seas of the Old World you may even be able to hire a venerable Amber Wizard Lord, whose truly formidable powers can turn the tide of any battle.



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