The Winds of Chaos update 0.5

The Winds of Chaos update 0.5

The campaign system is in!

Campaign and Faction Diplomacy

The campaign system is in – factions will fight for control of ocean regions and ports. Engage in diplomatic missions for the human factions to either break or to keep the peace. Defend against small chaos raids and larger invasions. More information is available here:

The hideous Plaguecrushers and Plagueships of Nurgle spread disease and rot in their wake.

Between the Hellrammer’s fanatical crews, the Hellslicer’s sharp blades cutting your sails to ribbons and the siren calls of the Hellship turning even your own crew against you, the minions of the Prince of Pleasure are not to be trifled with.

Sailing on wings of magic the Great Winged Terror descends at lightning speed, while Chaos Sorcerers unleash hellish magics from their Bane Towers.

High Elves
The Elves are the greatest seafarers in the Old World. No other nation can match their deep knowledge of the sea and all its mysteries. No other race can match the speed of Elf warships, the skill of the Elf sailors or the long range of their devastating weapons.

Recruit allies to sail with you across the ocean. NB: Some captains will only sail with famous or infamous captains, you may have to build up your reputation (not to mention your coffers) first.

More wizards
Wizards from all eight colleges of magic are available to hire, Bright and Grey were there previously, but we’ve added Amber, Amethyst, Celestial, Golden, Light and Jade.

Full list of changes:
– Removed old encounter/bubble system
– Added new system for faction campaign
– Added faction diplomacy, factions will change their hostility towards each other.
– Added Hellrammer, Hellslicer, Hellship, Plaguecrusher, Plagueship, Bane Tower of Tzeentch, Winged Terror, Hawkship, Eagleship, Dragonship
– Port menu background now changes based on nation that owns port
– Allies can now be hired from ports.
– New wizards available for hire: Amber, Amethyst, Celestial, Golden, Light and Jade
– Enabled Chaos Sorcerers for enemy fleets
– Added a faction relations section to the world information/journal.
– Killing enemy ships now rewards a pennant – can take to the military building in port to claim a bounty
– Added port menu military building with option for collecting bounties and taking diplomatic missions
– Added diplomatic quests which affect the diplomatic status between two factions and increase a player’s faction loyalty level (faction loyalty will have more effect in later updates)
– Added skull markers on ship information panel, as well as on details when clicking on ships, fleets and ports on the map to show strength.
– Two new pieces of music added to the score.
– Orc ports are now dynamically created as part of the faction system
– Adjusted ship collision physics to reduce chance of ships passing through each other
– Can access map screen whilst docked.
– Added regions to map, discovered by sailing through them.
– Fixed a bug with fog of war quest
– Added a search tutorial, will trigger on next leaving Norden post-tutorial
– Adjusted boarding balance: crew will be more active, player attacks will only hit the first target hit (rather than hitting everything in range). Enemy crew less biased towards hunting the player.
– Made AA more accurate on firing, particularly whilst ship is moving.


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