Melee Combat

Melee Combat

Grab your swords and cut em to pieces!!!

Well the Man O’ War: Corsair Steam and GoG communities asked for it and here it is, MELEE COMBAT!!!!

When we started the adventure of developing Man O’ War, melee combat during boarding actions was discussed but never added, we’re a small team making a very big game and needed to pick our battles, so it was decided melee would not be a feature.


Enter the Community!

Lots of people asked for Melee and we are very pleased you did, so by popular demand we began to open that can of worms. It is a major addition and the small team have all been thoroughly committed to make this work, putting in digital blood, sweat, tears and long hours.


When we finally began to tighten the melee experience it really reinforced the spirit of Early Access and the importance of the community and the developer working together, as drawing your sword and stabbing a goblin is great fun, diving into a group of orcs wielding an Axe is also a rather enjoyable experience.


Once the mechanic was tighter we begin to develop additional weapons other than the standard sword, such as a Warhammer (you’ve got to have a Warhammer in a Warhammer game!), shields, cutlass, rapier, longsword. Each of these weapons have different animation speeds and bonuses, for example a rapier is quicker to swing than a Warhammer but the Warhammer will do more damage and have a chance to knock the enemy over.


There are special weapons, enchanted to give addition fire / ice damage, cause fear or do additional damage. We have also introduced crafting for certain weapons, using bits harvested from the corpses of sea monsters you have killed. I do love the hardened eye lens from the Black Leviathan used as a shield!


There’s more!

We have introduced 2 new characters to Man O’ War update 0.3, the Chaos Spawn and Chaos Warrior. Both characters can be seen if you dare board a Khorne ship.



Thanks for all the feedback and support on the forums, we are unable to name check everyone who has made a suggestion but we have read them all, so if you see your ideas creep into an update you will have helped shaped the game!

The Steam page for ‘Man O’ War Corsair’ can be found here – MOW on Steam

The GOG page for ‘Man O’ War Corsair’ can be found here – MOW on GOG

‘Man O’ War: Corsair’ press assets are available here –

Full list of changes;

– Added melee combat for the captain
– Improved ranged weapon mechanics
– Better spacing in boarding actions
– Improved performance of menu screen
– Fixed a bug that could reposition ship wrecks on reloading a save game
– Peasants in the tavern will no longer try to sell you the same map more than once.
– Added a character weapon reload indicator
– Fixed a bug preventing characters using the hatches on board ships.
– Boarding mid-wind tutorial now clears the tutorial graphic
– Streamlined hull is now a multiplier instead of a fixed boost (less effective when sailing into the wind)
– Fixed dialogue in the Blockade Runners quest
– Dead crew tell no tales (fixed a dialogue bug)
– Character weapons now have availability dependent on the port you visit, ports will produce additional weapons over time (in preparation for individual crew weapons)
– Captain’s Mate will inform you when you’ve reached your waypoint if you are in autopilot
– Sacking pirate/orc ports no longer makes you infamous
– Added screen in captain menu for choosing your captain’s equipped weapons and shield

Captain Carroll


  1. Avatar
    Vincent 5 years ago

    I do like the whole works though I do ask is if there is going to be a feature that allows you to take captured ships to port as prise ships to sell for massive profit? if there is a way to do that then boarding ships will be worth wile also how will you balance it out if you do implament that feature?

    • Captain Carroll Author
      Captain Carroll 5 years ago

      it is not in the current plans, but as I have said on the forums, nothing is off the table!

      • Avatar
        Vincent 5 years ago

        cools hope you guys do get around to putting that in once you get other things done do try to implament the prise system maybe do a bit of inland stuff as well like sea dogs 2 has that feature. Also how can a small crew fire that many cannons and reload it at once when it takes a gun crew of at least 6 maybe to properally load, prime, aim and fire the peace? also why does kislv have so few ports along the northern end?

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