Quest Mechanics in Man O’ War: Corsair

Quest Mechanics in Man O’ War: Corsair

Today we look at Part 1 of Quest Mechanics in Man O’ War: Corsair, with James Clements!


James Clements
Most of my favourite games utilise branching narratives. I have spent a lot of time replaying different games to find ways that they can be altered by my choices. And while Man O’ War: Corsair is focused on gameplay, it has been very exciting to help drive logic behind the multiple ways of completing quests.
Having worked on blog posts, press releases and script writing for Evil Twin Artworks’ last PC release, Victory at Sea, I was welcomed onto the Man O’ War: Corsair team. My colleague Lauren joined me this time, however – we work particularly well together, bouncing ideas off of each other.Header
While we have both created quests from scratch that will be seen in Man O’ War: Corsair when it releases, we were typically given vague quest synopses to expand upon. ‘Track down a ghost ship’, for instance or ‘Defend a port from Orc raiders’.
So, which NPC gives out the quest? Will it remain active for a certain period of time, or stay available indefinitely? What moral dilemmas should players face? The answers are different for each and every quest, and I will let you discover those answers for yourself when you come to play it.
But what I will share is that we have aimed to make the multiple choices have an effect on both gameplay and the narrative that you make for yourself out at sea in the Warhammer universe. Some quests force you to decide whether it would be better to have more favour with one faction or another, for example. Some quests are altered, or even only available, if you pick specific choices in other quests. Some situations will have you deciding whether it’s worth sacrificing a gameplay advantage for some kind of moral reason.
By closely integrating gameplay-based choices and narrative-based ones, I believe that we have managed to find logic that both our scriptwriter and our gameplay designers are able to sink their teeth into.
I hope that this helps to form quests that are interesting on multiple layers for everyone once you finally get your hands on Corsair!

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