Quest Mechanics in Man O’ War: Corsair Part 2

Quest Mechanics in Man O’ War: Corsair Part 2

Today we look at Part 2 of the Quest Mechanics in Man O’ War: Corsair, with Lauren Farwell.

Lauren Farwell
I think that most of my favourite games had good gameplay and a variety of choices, which is why I’m really excited to be helping devise the quest logic for Man O’ War: Corsair. Most games I have replayed had a vast number of possible branches, which we have been working on including in this game.
Working with my colleague James, I’ve been able to spend time on a truly impressive project. As gamers ourselves, myself and James play quite different games, so by working together on quests, we’ve created some that you’ll hopefully enjoy.
We were given general quest titles and a basic description, but the leash for expanding on them was given to us. This has lead to some very original quests, wherein we’ve made sure to expand on ideas creatively. For example, one quest is a ship race. Instead of simply competing with other seafarers, we’ve allowed players to attack their opponents and vice-versa.
We’ve been trying to create quests that will make sense to people who are fans of the Warhammer universe, as we want all players to feel immersed in the game. We have researched lore through reading books and blogs about various factions.erengrad
As a pre warning, some of the choices in the game are going to be difficult to make! We wanted to make choices that hopefully take the player a while to make, and that will affect the story and gameplay. As someone who has played a lot of RPGs, the idea of having different factions that are going to judge you based on the choices you make is an appealing one. Hopefully with the choices we’ve put into the game, you will want to replay to see the outcomes of different options.
I’m really happy to be a part of Evil Twin’s team, and hope you find the quests as enjoyable to play as they were to come up

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