Redesigning the Man O’ War Logo

Redesigning the Man O’ War Logo

Redesigning the Man O’War Logo

Working with the team at Evil Twin Artworks I was given the task to design a new logo for the upcoming game, Man O’War: Corsair, a 3D sea battle game set in the world of Warhammer, based on a popular classic tabletop war game from Games Workshop.

The tabletop game had a well-established identity from its release during the early 1990’s that will be familiar to fans of the game (see image below). Everyone involved in the project was keen to keep some heritage to the new logo design, however it was clear the word-mark needed to be modified and updated to bring the look and feel in line with the realism and adventure of the 3D gaming experience being developed by the Evil Twin team.

Illustrating the logo typeface

To maintain heritage, and to bring the logo in line with the look and feel of the new game, my main focus was primarily to modify the finish and textural styling of the logo, and to make very minimal change to the existing typeface.

As no artwork was available to work from, and no font in existence to simply start with, I needed illustrate each letter of the typeface from scratch using reference photos. Each letter was carefully re-drawn, whilst improving and refining the overall appearance of each letter, the alignment and kerning.


In addition to the Man O’War typeface, an additional subheading was added to the logo; Corsair.

Using the established Warhammer logo as inspiration, I created a new customised typeface that complimented the design, yet added to the overall sense of mystery and adventure faced by the player.


Styling the Man O’War logo

The original Man O’ War logo made use of a yellow gradient colouring that I believe was used to replicate the effect of gold. As gold was widely sought after by men journeying the high seas, this was a finish I was keen to make use of in the revised version, however unlike the previous logo which was almost cartoony in appearance, I felt it needed to appear much more realistic, and to feel aged as though in itself it had been on a life-long journey through the seas.

After studying the lighting and colouring of gold, I applied gradient colouring to the whole design to give the effect of beveled gold. Following this I applied a subtle metallic texture to give the design an overall aged look.

The final logo design

The final design, as shown below, maintains a sense of heritage, yet has been modernised and updated to feel more grown up, and to reflect the action and adventure that will be experienced by players of the upcoming game.


Captain Carroll

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    Chris 4 years ago

    How are there no comments on this yet? Fantastic Font work! I’m currently poring over the web looking for usable fonts for a project, myself, and came across this. Again, great job, and yes, better than the original!

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