For The Love of Sigmar!!

For The Love of Sigmar!!

To Battle!

Here at Evil Twin creating Man O’ War: Corsair is more than just another project, especially for studio founders and brother James and Mark Carroll.

Mark’s Armies! Are up he sleevies!

I’m 38 years old so that means I’ve been playing Warhammer for 30 years. When I was a kid I remember seeing Kevin “GoblinMaster” Adams Orc and Goblin army and that was the army I was going to collect, I had hordes of Arrer Boyz and thus begun my love of the tactic, stand back and shoot everyone before they get into close combat.

After several years of bad dice rolls and excellent battlefield strategy (my brother would disagree with that) I decided to collect Dark Elves (insert picture of dark elves) – I like that they have repeater weapons and the hydra! They of course also have a strong nautical theme something I’ve always loved in games which is why we made Victory at Sea and are currently making Man O’ War: Corsair.

Dark Elf forces muster

Dark Elves attacking one of our home made houses!

In the past few years I have begun to collect an Empire army, I haven’t had much painting with these guys but I have amassed a huge army, which was important to me knowing that the Empire have such a diverse playing style I can filed a very different army of Sigmar each time I play. I have set my Army in Ostermark and field as many witch hunters as possible.

Work in progress Empire forces

Work in progress Empire forces

James goes into battle!

As Mark pointed out we have had swift changes of mind over the years with regards which army to build! When I started playing Warhammer I started with a Dwarf army. My favourite regiment was Bugman’s dwarf rangers. Don’t ask me why, perhaps it was the beer on their shields that did it for me! I always went for aesthetic first and then worried about how on earth I would use them tactically.

bugmans box

Then I got into High Elves and loved painting the Sea Guard. I tend to be the one who paints all the regiments so we have quite a lot unpainted. But after a few years I found the High Elves too haughty for my tastes.

Currently I have two armies. The first being my Vampire Count army. My favourite thing about them is just getting some spell casting in while jamming up enemy forces with waves of Zombies and then the enemy having the indignity of watching their own forces resurrected as Zombies!
A Necromancer from my Vampire Count army.
(I painted my zombies in the colours of Mark’s Empire forces!). My other army, as with my Bloodbowl team, is Skaven. I love a fast army which could explode/mutate/ dig their way out of the ground at any moment!

Our board Post battle.

Our board Post battle.



Captain Carroll


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