Creating a 3D Model for Man O’ War: Corsair

Creating a 3D Model for Man O’ War: Corsair

Creating a 3D Model

My name is Rachel Uzzell, I am a self taught 3D Digital Sculptor with a background in old school animation. Yep back in the days of yore before computers.
Working with Evil Twin Artworks is great because every job varies and is never boring. One day you can be making WW2 warships, the next week monsters, pirates and wizards.

I work in Zbrush and 3D Coat. Zbrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modelling, texturing and painting. It allows me to create very detailed models in a more creative environment than a standard 3D package might.
3D Coat has a lot of different features. Though I am a big fan of its retopology tools, which I will explain later.


Reference reference reference
For me when starting a project, reference is key to everything, even if you have the freedom to create a character how you desire, it still has to sit in the world that is created for it and look like it belongs there and interact with other characters, so, I spend a lot of time making sure I have reference that is relevant to the project. I can’t stress enough how important reference is.

Be ready for feedback
Once I think I have created the world’s greatest character in Zbrush, I pass it over to the directors and will get feedback. There will always be changes and tweaks, especially when it’s just been you and your character locked away in a room staring at each other for a while. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to bring you back to reality. You can get precious about your characters but don’t, they don’t love you back.

Pirate close up

Once the character is all approved the next stage is making it game and animation ready. This is where 3D Coat’s retopology tools come in. This takes the Zbrush model, which will be quite high poly, and turns it into something more manageable.

I retopologize the hell out of it so it moves in all the right places whilst being economical with the polycount and sorting the uv maps (something the texure artist thanks me for!) and placing seams where they need to be. Then it will have a new lease of life when the textures are painted, the model is rigged and you get to see your  creation animated in game……..fighting monsters, shooting pirates…ahhh they grow up so fast, but you have to let them go.:)Pirate long shot

Captain Carroll


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