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  • Building Ships in Man O’War: Corsair

    By on 26th October 2015

    I’m Tom Donovan and I was an asset builder on the new game by Evil Twin Artworks based on...

  • Redesigning the Man O’ War Logo

    By on 19th October 2015

    Redesigning the Man O’War Logo Working with the team at Evil Twin Artworks I was given the task to...

  • night and day

    Man O’ War: Corsair Night and Day

    By on 16th October 2015

    Man O’ War: Corsair Night and Day Introducing the second of our Man O’ War: Corsair Vlogs. This video...

  • For The Love of Sigmar!!

    By on 12th October 2015

    To Battle! Here at Evil Twin creating Man O’ War: Corsair is more than just another project, especially for...

  • Creating a 3D Model for Man O’ War: Corsair

    By on 5th October 2015

    Creating a 3D Model My name is Rachel Uzzell, I am a self taught 3D Digital Sculptor with a...